The Ultimate Health Challenge (UHC) is a 6 week lifestyle program run various times throughout the year. The challenge encompasses more than just exercising. The UHC is all about nourishing your body with good nutrition, developing sustainable habits, creating a rewarding mindset around health and wellness, while supporting and holding each other accountable through the process. 

Our next start date is: Monday 24th June
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  • weekly weigh ins and measures

  • pre and post fitness testing

  • daily meal plans

  • detailed shopping lists

  • goal planning

  • access to 15+ group fitness classes per week

  • full gym membership

  • 24/7 online support group

  • weekly lifestyle focuses

  • log workouts and nutrition via apps

  • weekly tips and advice


Non- Member: $260
Standard Gym Member: $130
CrossFit or 50Fit Member: $80





"The ongoing support and the genuine care and time put into us achieving our goals has been second to none. I have enjoyed the whole journey - the eating plans, the training, but most of all being around great people! And I'm down 5.5kgs!

I have learnt the importance of what fuel you put into your body links to what outcome you will receive. I feel better for eating well and hope to continue this in the future. I was hoping training was going to get easier but Josh said, “This will never happen Steelo, you will just train harder!”"



"These are my top 5 changes from the challenge in no particular order. Note that weight loss doesn't make an appearance, because this challenge also showed me that I actually care about more than the number!

• My skin is much clearer
•Not waking up with regret or guilt from the treat the night before (is it a treat if it's every night? Lol)
• I did 10 strict pull-ups last week, a huge goal I have wanted since starting crossfit 4 years ago (definitely made easier by being 5kgs lighter!)
•Proving to myself I could commit to a challenge for 6 weeks.
•Being more mindful of how I feel when I eat, like how I feel after fuelling my body properly all day vs. how I feel if I have overeaten or had something less than optimal"