Welcome to Benefit Health and Fitness

Not your average fitness centre


Come in and experience what it is like inside a gym driven by human performance, not machines.

Our Training methods  

  • We train at high intensity
  • We train using functional movements
  • Our training is constantly varied to prevent boredom.      


  Getting Started

Starting is really easy ... you do not need to be fit or know anything about fitness.

Step 1: Give us a call or drop us an email to let us know that you are interested, or just come in and have a look around our amazing fitness facility.

Step 2: Book in a time to trial our facility and see how you should be training.

Step 3: Fall in love with our training style and become addicted then never look back.

If you are new to Benefit, we will take it easy at the beginning and hold back the intensity until you get used to the training. Our experienced coaches will adapt a program to your individual circumstance, taking into account any injuries and your current level of conditioning





If you commit 100% to training with us, we promise to give 100% back, it takes commitment to get results.










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